Thursday, 30 July 2015

How to run Whatsapp on PC Using Bluestacks App Player

Whatsapp has gained a lot of popularity since it has come into existence back in 2009. It is rated as the second-best platform to chat with your friends after Facebook and that is the reason that it has millions of users. While it is really easy to download it and run on any android, ios or windows device but it can be a lot trickier to download and run it on your laptop and PC, But you don’t need to worry as you’ll find here the right ways to download Whatsapp For laptop or PC.

Bluestacks is software which you can download and is made to turn your laptop or PC into an android and enables you to download any game or other supplication using play store and run it on your laptop or PC. Bluestacks also provide support to all the users you can also email them at There are no such important steps that you have to follow to download Whatsapp For Laptop using BlueStacks. As you download BlueStacks and run it, you just have to download Whatsapp from Play Store and use your mobile number and your contacts will show in the Whatsapp application the same as they show in your device application.

Using BlueStacks to download Whatsapp is easy but the problem is that the users of old PC or laptop can run BlueStacks and it also lags a bit on the newer versions also and most importantly it takes up a lot of RAM and that is why it is not preferred much.

Whatsapp Using Whatsapp Web [Official]

Whatsapp web version is a great and fast way to use your Whatsapp For laptop or PC. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to use the Whatsapp web version:-

  • Go to your browser and search for “Whatsapp web Version”.
  • Click on the first search result (official Whatsapp web version site).
  • The site will ask you to scan a code using the Whatsapp on your mobile.
  • Open the Whatsapp application on your mobile, go-to option, and click on the Whatsapp web option available there.
  • Now enter your email address in the email field.
  • Now you have to put your mobile in front of the code displayed on the screen of your laptop or PC in such a way that the square-shaped code comes from the square-shaped column given on the phone.
Hold on your mobile till the code is scanned and that is all. But for whatsapp is a must. You will now see that your Whatsapp page will automatically appear on the site with all your contacts and shared content.

Note: - For Whatsapp web version to work you should have your mobile with you because, without it, you can’t scan the code and run Whatsapp whenever you want to open it on the website.
So, here were the ways to use Whatsapp For laptop or PC with the description of how to do it properly. I hope you like the article and found it informative. Do share it with others.