investigate-bookApologies, but the physical publication Investigate Before You Vaccinate is temporarily out of stock whilst we revise & reprint the 4th and final edition.

However, for $0.97 you may purchase the electronic version of the book  for Kindle and Apple here:

This book is a must read for any parent faced with the decision of whether or not to vaccinate their child. The information presented here is the information that doctors, nurses and other health professionals are unlikely to provide you with, even if you knew the right questions to ask.

Chapters covered in the book:
1. Investigate before you vaccinate
2. Informed consent
3. The history of vaccination
4. The decline of infectious diseases
5. Disease, the immune system and vaccines
6. Vaccine manufacture
7. Vaccine efficacy
8. Vaccine safety
9. The money trail and big business
10. New Zealand’s meningococcal B vaccination campaign
11. New vaccines
12. Unvaccinated children are healthier
13. Alternatives to vaccination
14. Choosing not to vaccinate
15. Choosing to vaccinate
16. Mother’s milk: precious protection

Price: donationJust A Little Prick book

This 496 page book brings out into the open many of the findings of well documented research, as well as the sobering experiences of many parents and their children, which needs to be considered carefully, before anyone accepts without question the assurances of medical establishments and the powerful profit-driven messages from vested interests.

The downloadable PDF for this book is on the book page

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